Group Classes

Belly Dance Classes

Angela’s Belly Dance classes incorporate strong foundational technique with fluid arm and hand movements and modern dance stylings. Influences include tribal fusion, traditional cabaret technique, Indian Fusion, and modern dance.

Classes are currently held at Brass Ovaries on Manor Rd. in Austin, TX
Thursdays at 5:30pm.

BellyFit Classes

BellyFit is a holistic fitness class for women that incorporates Belly Dance, Bollywood, and African Dance moves with fitness cardio, followed by twenty minutes of core/yoga/stretching. Contact Angela to schedule a BellyFit class in your area.

Specialty Group Classes

One hour group classes for groups of 4 or more at your location or with studio rental. The class can be tailored to the skill level and style desired, including:

  • Basic Belly Dance Technique
  • Intermediate/Advanced Belly Dance Technique
  • Tribal Fusion
  • Belly Dance Sequences for Zumba or Dance Jam Classes
  • Other specialty topics such as choreography and performing with live musical accompaniment

Cost for specialty classes:

  • $128 per hour (can be divided among attendees)

Studio rental fee, if needed – Additional $25-35 (depending on location)

To schedule a group class, call Angela at 512.777.1333 or fill out the contact form the the right.

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