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Angela was absolutely amazing from the minute we started talking about the wedding party until her dances. I hired Angela a surprise for my daughter’s wedding party and it was a great hit. Thank you Angela for the great time and having the guests up and dancing. ~H. Jahir

Isis Wings on the 77 Degrees Rooftop Hookah Lounge

Angela Shakti Sparks Improv to Atlas Maior at Tarab

Samani Soul: Angela Shakti Sparks and Alana Shea at 3rd Coast Tribal

Shunyata at 3rd Coast Tribal 2013

Shunyata Belly Dance 3rd Coast Tribal 2012

Shunyata Belly Dance 3rd Coast Tribal 2011
Angela Shakti Sparks, Silvia Salamanca, Jennifer Kleiber, Jenny Trimmer

3rd Coast Tribal Performance 2009

Angela Shakti Sparks with Lauren Checchio on didgeridoo, Angela and Silvia duet with Lauren and Jennifer on drums, Silvia with Lauren on tabla.

Performing with Jesse Brede at Antone’s in Austin, TX
Video courtesy of Abboriginal Productions (
Jesse Brede:

A Few More Random Clips

Improv to Atlas Maior at Sahara Lounge

Dinah and Sid’s 2015 Wedding – brief cameo at 6:43

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