“When I first began my yoga journey, it was as a fitness practice.  I wanted to build strength and tone and yoga certainly accomplished those goals. It was the benefits out in my day to day life, however, that really drew me deeper into my practice.  I noticed that I was less reactive, less rushed, and able to return to a state of calm more easily. The mindfulness and awareness cultivated on the mat infuses your life off the mat, and this is where you experience more balance and harmony on all levels of your being, in all aspects of your life.” ~Angela Shakti Sparks

 Which Class or Lesson is Just For You? 

Classes are taught in the Austin, TX area. Angela specializes in yoga instruction infused with chakra/energy balancing, Ayurvedic principals, and energy medicine techniques for holistic health and wellness that encompasses your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects.

International availability for workshops and retreats.

Styles taught include:

  • Energy Medicine Yoga
  • Chakra Yoga
  • Hatha – Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Core Strength Vinyasa Flow Yoga


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